Friday, May 8, 2009

Coffee Filter Flowers

I have to admit there is still that little kid inside of me who gets excited walking into a craft store. So much I could make and that good. Anyway, I found this martha Steward episode that showed them making coffee filter flowers...sounds kinda lame, til you actually do it and see how cheap and how beautiful they are. i get the EXACT color i want, they wont go bad, and mose of all they are soooooo cheap! It was $4 for 400 coffee filters, and the paint cost me a whole $5. All together with the filters, tape, stems, paint, and brushes, it set me back a whole $15. That $15 will make 100 flowers!!! I will only need about 4-6 per table because they are so big, So in theory that $15 just paid for 17-20 centerpieces! I am so excited. They way you make them, I can premake them without puffing the flower out and shaping it, and wait til the week before, so they look good still. Go Martha!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Reception Hall

On saturday my mom, gina, lucas and I went to a taste test at the Genisis and then Andre's. The food at the Genesis I hate to say was HORRIBLE! Canned and fake everything with a cafeteria-like flavor. After that I was really expecting the worst as we pulled up to Andre's considering their price was even cheaper than the Genesis. WRONG! The food was twice as good as the Christy and 10 times better than the Genesis. Soooo yummy..we had a cavatelli conbroccoli, chicken dish, roll, salad (which was just like Rich & Charlies:) green beans, roasted butter herb potatoes...just a sample but ALLL of it was delicious. I am getting the contract faxed to me and should be making the deposit by the end of the week. I am really excited again, considering how upset I was after the Christy changed everthing on me and messed with my head. I was really really skeptical after that, but I am kinda happy that they were so rude and lied to me...I found a facility that much more beautiful with hardwood floors, the staff is really nice, the chef is a REAL CHEF, and to top it off saving me hundreds of dollars!!! Obviously we have yet to experience the wedding, but I have very little or no reservation. Can't wait to PARTY IT UP!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Christy

So I went to the taste-test. The food was in my opinion delicious. It seemed everything was right, and I was signing the contract as I noticed the price. I had spoken with a representative back in February via email. I still have the email to prove it. She said they could match the price of a competetor as long as the package matched. Unfortunately that was not true. They wanted me to pay $5 more per head, then $3 more and I was supposed to feel like I was being cut a deal when they finally dropped it to only $1.45 more than the original quote. I am very dissappointed and feel lied to. There was a difference...the linens are floor length vs half length. I know I am not the girly type but $500 difference for linens doesnt seem to make too much sense to me at all! All this wedding stuff sure is stressful. If there was a misunderstanding I hear ya but they should honor thier original price, especially when I re-sent them a copy of thier email where they promised that price in writing. So, ball's in their court. If they honor their price I will probably still have it there. Like I said, I really liked the venue and the woman who was showing to me...but if not, I guess this is a lesson for me and everyone who attempts to book a venue....even having it in writing doesnt seem to matter.

Glad I started so early...

Wow, so its just one thing after another with this wedding junk! First the park I wanted to get married at is a thousand bucks, the wedding hall is 5$ more than originally quoted, and now the band (who happens to be my dad's) has backed out on me! I am not exactly a happy camper right now. So, my dad wont be at the wedding, and i have no idea where that will be anyway:) Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taste Test

So i have the taste test planned for this Wednesday at the Christy. It will be Lucas, Marlys, my mom and I going. Keep your fingers crossed. It would be such a let down if after really getting my heart set to find out the food is bad. I am sure it will be ok...or at least i hope.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time to kick it back into gear

Ok, My break is over. Easter is over, and what felt like a hundred birthdays between February and March. Time to start back planning this wedding! I am pretty sure we have decided upon the Christy. Just have to have the taste test and make sure the food is good, and we will happily be committing to that date/venue. I am officially getting married in less than a year! Crazy, considering I was the tree climbing tom-boy who swore she never needed a man:) hah. Kinda insane how quickly things can change. So now I really need to start working on the ceremony...ya know the actually wedding part hah. After this weekend, I am now really leaning toward NOT having an outside wedding. It rained on April 9th this year and I am taking that as an omen. So, Now the question arieses...Have you ever been to a wedding that had the ceremony in the reception hall??? And if so, did you think it was a bad or good idea?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking a much needed break.

There is a lot to be said about being proactive and organized, there is also a lot to be said about knowing when to take a minute to NOT THINK ABOUT WEDDING STUFF. Hah. I am at that point now. I have been taking a much needed break. It can be very stressful trying to plan out the big day, and recognizing that and taking a deep breath is advice I would pass on to anyone in the planning stages like I am. Don't get me wrong, waiting and procrastinating will only make it hell later, but putting things off a week or so doesn't hurt anyone. Remembering that you are allowed to do this is a very important power that you need to exercise. I am lucky enough to have people who are willing to help me without overwhelming me, but some aren't so fortunate. If you are one of these unlucky few with with the hovering mom or friend, don't be afraid to tell them you want a week break or so without talking about wedding stuff at long as you do it with a little thought and sensitivity they will totally understand, and after that week I guarantee you, planning your wedding will actually become fun again:)At least until the next break! haha

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Venues

So we checked out all the venues this past Thursday. I was okay with Andre's and with the Genesis. I was surprisingly let down by Orlando Gardens. The carpet was HIDEOUS, and the walls were not pretty either. There was a tiny dance floor that was supposed to be shared with the band...making it even smaller. Also, it was the most expensive. Lame. So, the best by far was the one I had thought would be the worst. I have driven past the Christy everyday for the last 4 years and always thought it looked dated and tiny. That was definitely not the case. There is only one room, so we wont have to share the building with another wedding party. They have an actual stage with a dance floor that is twice the size of the others. The room is large enough that they have the buffet set up the whole time, and they don't have to break anything down. They have all black chairs, which compared to the orangish ones at some of the other venues was a welcome change. The carpet is a bit dated, however, It is not nearly as noticeable as at Orlando Gardens. I am pretty set on picking the Christy, the cake is included, and the staff was very nice. So, all that is left is a taste test. Yeah I know it is tough, but I think I'll make it through the grueling process of tasting food! I already have 4 professional taste-testing volunteers...amy, lauren, gina, tina....Anyway, I'll be getting back to you all soon to let you know more....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bridal Expo

So, I went to a bridal expo at Ameristar this weekend with my friends Madeline and Gina. TALK ABOUT OVERWHELMING! Geeze, there were about a million people and tons of people pining for the business. I am glad that we went though. I found a place that is EVEN CHEAPER THAN GENESIS, THE CHRISTY, and ORLANDO GARDENS. They don't include the cake, but they also don't charge for service. On a Friday they charge $14 a head! So, that is a big difference from the $17.50...especially because the $17.50 from the others doesnt include the service...or sales tax. I kept going back and forth tring to crunch the numbers, and by the time you rent the tables, chairs, linens, buy the food, (most improtantly the alcohol) etc, I can't seem to find the purpose in trying to do it myself. It is just easier and actually cheaper to go to a venue. So, I am making appointments to visit all four of the venues, sometimes things are too good to be true, so I would like to see the insides of all of the venues before I make a decision. I will keep you all updated. Also I found out more information on the cake that is offered for free with the package from the Christy. The cake is provided by McCarther's Bakery. They had a table at the expo, and their cakes were beautiful. I got to see pictures of the cakes that would be included at the Christy. I was pleasantly suprised, and would be happy to have the cake provided if I go with the Christy. We'll just have to see. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So the invitations are next. I have been looking into pre-made vs. homemade. I am definitely leaning toward homemade. It is highly expensive for the premade. Now adays, almost everyone has a printer. This makes having someone print them for me just seem like a waste of money. To add a litte bit of a fancy feel to the design I have come up with a pretty simple idea. It came from one of my lovely friends Gina who did my baby shower invites and made them look beautiful. I plan on buying cardstock in the blue color of the ribbons of the bridesmaids...Then I plan to buy the more see-through white paper to layer on top. I will punch two holes in the top of the cards and tie a little ribbon through to hold the papers together. I can get a enough paper for the blue cardstock from office max for $15. All I need is a nice paper cutter and time. I am still shopping around for the clear white paper. If any of you can think of a place with a good price I am all ears. All together, with the price of envelopes, paper and stamps, I should be able to spend well under $100. This is a fraction of the price I have been able to find from the printing companies.